Clásica Jaén Paraíso Interior to hold Gran Fondo event in 2023

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Amateur cyclists to face same challenges as the pros in a Gran Fondo scheduled on the eve of the race

The Clásica Jaén Paraíso Interior made its debut as a professional road cycling race last season, with a course that featured both tarmac and gravel sectors to sum up to 3100 meters of elevation gain. Astana’s Alexey Lutsenko won the inaugural version of an event that is now expanding its program by a further day in order to welcome amateur riders as well as the pros. Next February 12th, the first edition of the Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior will offer a Sunday of dusty roads with Jaén’s unparalleled sea of olive trees as a backdrop. An appetizer for the pro race, to be held on Monday – and quite an occasion on its own.

Like the pro race, the Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior will start from Úbeda to finish in Baeza, thus visiting two cities considered to be World Heritage by UNESCO which are located just 10 kilometres apart from each other. It will be a 90-kilometre course featuring 40-kilometre worth of gravel sectors and 1500 meters of elevation gain. “A shorter ride compared to what the pros will do this year in order to be a reasonable challenge for amateur cyclists, yet we’ve managed to keep the unique essence of this event,” says Pascual Momparler, CEO of Momparler Cycling and technical director of the Clásica Jaén Paraíso Interior.

The number of participants of this Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior will be limited in order to offer the best possible experience to the riders. Along with the entry rights, the participants will redeem a starter pack with a bottle of Olibaeza extra-virgin olive oil (the world’s best AOVE in 2021 according to EVOOLEUM) and a Pissei vest worth 80€, with an exclusive design to celebrate the event. Inscriptions are open over at Rock The Sport:

Altimetría de la Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior
Profile – Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior 2023
Mapa de la Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior 2023
Map – Gran Fondo Jaén Paraíso Interior 2023

Header Photo: Sprint Cycling

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